Mold Bomb Fogger (Case)

Easy to use Mold Bomb Fine-Particulate Fogger, prevents mold particulates from becoming a toxic issue. Mold Bomb FPF suppresses mold fine and ultra-fine particulates in just one treatment. Our revolutionary one-of-a-kind delivery system will access places traditionally out-of-reach with other cleaning products. Mold Bomb FPF is great for particulate suppression in almost any environment, including rooms, attics, basements, and crawlspaces. Do not risk the spread of a toxic mold particulate problem with a less effective product. Go with a proven cleaning system that works, “Mold Bomb Fine Particulate Fogger”!

Each case contains 6 cans of Mold Bomb


This product can only be shipped to the continental United States.

  • i.d: 001B

Mold Bomb Fogger (Case)

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